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欢迎来到爱达荷州中南部! A place of deep canyons, productive farmlands, mysterious deserts and majestic rivers. 这里的人民很友好,对这片他们称之为家的土地有着深厚的感情. 空气清新,水也一样. The Mini-Cassia Area is full of places for sightseeing with everything from natural wonders to historical monuments. The Snake River was very influential in the development of the area and the scenery and landmarks along its water tells its story.

迷你决明子区还提供各种文化活动, 包括米尼多卡县和卡西亚县的几个历史博物馆, 历史悠久的威尔逊剧院和国王美术中心. Theaters and opera houses feature plays and musical performances to enrich the mind.

下面描述的每个旅行都提供各种各样的娱乐和冒险活动, 都在距离迷你决明子地区几英里或几小时的范围内.

City of Rocks

​The entrance of the City of Rocks National Reserve is four miles west of Almo. 成立于1988年, the 14,公园占地1000英亩,环境脆弱,风景优美, 地质和历史意义. More recently it has gained national renown for the outstanding rock climbing it provides. Most of the more than 600 routes are located on 100 to 300 foot spires and range from 5.4 to 5.陷入困境. 露营,徒步旅行,山地自行车和野餐也可以. During the winter, the reserve is a beautiful place for a cross-county skiing adventure.


为了完美的露营, 野餐或钓鱼的地方, 想想鲁伯特东北方向仅11英里的沃尔科特湖州立公园. Paved trails connect restrooms, 野餐避难所, interpretive kiosk and boat launch. 这个占地22英亩的公园是各种野生动物的家园, 包括150种鸟类和水禽, 作为国家野生动物保护区的基地. 建于1904年的Minidoka发电厂位于公园附近. 大坝把水引到一系列的运河中, 给南部蛇河平原的沙漠带来了生机. The dam and the power plant are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 可致电垦务局办公室参观. 沃尔科特湖公园最近的改善包括露营和野餐区, 解说小径和马蹄形坑. 湖本身也是世界级帆板运动的发源地.


Castle Rocks State Park is Idaho's newest state park featuring granite spires and peaks. Congress authorized the National Park Service to purchase the Castle Rock Ranch in November 2000. Challenge yourself to the steep rock face or take the two hour hike around the base. 无论哪种方式,你都会找到完美的一日游.


离克利夫兰湖不远, 位于伯利/双瀑布游骑兵区, 波默勒山度假村 offers a challenging terrain for beginners as well as expert skiers. Open mid-November through mid-April, the facility offers both day and night skiing. 波默勒有22条滑雪道, 地形公园有2个,垂直落差为1,000英尺高,设有三联和双联升降椅, 为滑雪板选手准备的绳拖和半管. 粉滑者在这些斜坡上找到了很多他们喜欢的东西. Cross-country skiers are welcome as the facility offers two marked trail areas. 这里有滑雪板租赁和滑雪课程,还有食物, drink, 波默勒的舒适的小屋可以找到一个温暖的火和放松. Excellent snowmobiling and a tubing hill that include parking and a warming shelter can be found one mile below the resort for no cost. 波默勒在夏天开放, on weekends from July 4 through Labor Day to offer chairlift rides for a breath taking panoramic view of the Magic Valley. 那你的选择就是坐电梯下去, mountain bike, 打9洞或18洞飞盘高尔夫球,或徒步或步行到基地.

Lake Cleveland

​Crystal clear water awaits you at Lake Cleveland, a crater lake tucked beneath the summit of Mt. Harrison. During the summer months there is excellent hiking and fishing in the area and the wildflowers are abundant. 一定要寻找罕见的基督印度画笔, 这被认为是世界上其他地方不存在的. 在冬天,山. Harrison is best known as home to the family-friendly Pomerelle ski resort and some of Idaho's best snowmobiling. 克利夫兰湖距离伯利大约30英里. 要到达那里,可以走77号公路,穿过历史悠久的阿尔比恩镇. 继续往南走,寻找路标.

Hagerman Valley

当你穿越哈格曼山谷时, 你将体会到这片神奇土地的多样化. Trout farms, 热带鱼研究中心, 鳄鱼农场, 西瓜领域, hot springs and fossil beds are just a few of the amazing things you will discover in the Hagerman Valley. 尼亚加拉泉州立公园, 沿着千泉旅游路线, 全年提供体育活动, 观鸟和拍照的机会. 泉水以每秒250立方英尺的速度喷出峡谷壁. 公园之外,水晶泉湖提供野餐区和钓鱼. Visit the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument Visitor Center located in the town of Hagerman. 展品包括350多万年前的化石. 从6月到9月都有导游.


​独立的湖泊 are a series of remote lakes situated at the top of Cache Peak, 距离厄尔巴岛十英里. 这3英里的第一英里.1英里的小路有点多岩石, but the remainder is very reasonable walking with several switchbacks to the first lake. Fishing is best at the lower lake and you may be lucky to reel in Montana Greyling, 加州金鳟鱼或切喉鳟鱼. Camping at the lakes is limited because of the rocky terrain and downed timber; however, 在小路的起点有一个维护良好的露营地.


当你从伯利向西旅行时, the Snake River disappears to the bottom of the magnificent 蛇河峡谷 creating the northern border of the City of Twin Falls. Enjoy 3.5 miles of walking paths along the canyon rim or take a drive into the canyon to Centennial Waterfront Park. East of Twin Falls is the spectacular Shoshone Falls, also known as the Niagara Falls of the West. The falls are 212 feet high during high-water season, 52 feet higher than Niagara Falls! 肖肖尼瀑布同样令人印象深刻,令人叹为观止.


​In December 2000, President Clinton declared the Minidoka Internment Camp as a National Monument. 位于亨特, Idaho, 就在伊甸北部93号公路上, the Minidoka Internment Camp was one of ten guarded camps in the west where American citizens of Japanese descent were housed during World War II. 尽管在1940年, 爱达荷州约60%的日本人是土生土长的美国人, 9,400 evacuees were held at this camp surrounded by barbed wire fences and towers and manned by armed guards and watch dogs. Prisoners were told they would be shot if they came within three and a half feet of the fence.


​Twelve miles west of Burley off Highway 30, you will find the Milner Historic Recreation Area. The 2,055英亩的场地提供船码头, 野餐避难所, fishing, 有盖射箭场和飞碟射击场. 米尔纳大坝建于1905年. Several miles of the Oregon Trail has been preserved and the ruts are still visible. The Mini-Cassia area played a pivotal role in the history of America's westward expansion. 移民们就是在这里到达了木筏河渡口, where they had to decide whether to continue northwest into Oregon or head to the south and seek gold in California. 参观桂花县历史博物馆, 在那里,一张浮雕地图显示了拓荒者的路线是如何纵横交错的. Actual trail remnants are still visible throughout the region; for an example, visit the Milner Interpretive area about 10 miles west of Burley on Highway 30 (where picnic tables and a boat launch area also available.) The area is rich in wildlife so be sure to keep your eyes open as you let the area take you back to the past.


​In 1920, Robert Limbert, 博伊西动物标本剥制师, trekked across 28 miles of lava flows and then convinced Congress to include the lava fields in the national park system. 1924年,柯立芝总统宣布83平方英里为国家纪念碑. 国会于1970年建立了月球荒野环形山. Today, more than 250,000 visitor from around the world visit the reserve to see strange rock formations and explore a series of underground caves. 在这片贫瘠的土地上,每年春天都有许多种类的野花盛开.

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